Commencement, Termination & Reinstatement of Coverage

If you are a qualifying member in good standing, you are eligible for a 12-month term of coverage starting April 1 and ending March 31 of the following year. The benefit coverage will be decided at the start of the plan year and will be based on the total contributions in your Health and Welfare Account at the end of the calendar year before the start of the plan year.

Your coverage terminates when you cease to be a member in good standing or the policy terminates, whichever is earliest.

  • Your dependents' coverage terminates when your insurance terminates or your dependent no longer qualifies, whichever is earlier.

Survivor Benefits

If you die while your dependents are insured under the Healthcare and/or Dentalcare benefits, your dependents will continue to be insured for such benefits until the earliest of:

  • 24 months after the date of your death,
  • the termination of the group policy,
  • the remarriage of the spouse (children will continue to be insured for up to a total of 2 years),
  • the date the dependent child ceases to qualify as a dependent, or
  • the date coverage for your dependents terminates for any reason.

When is benefit coverage reinstated?

If you return to become a member in good standing of I.A.T.S.E. Local 667 or 669, benefit coverage will begin as shown previously in the “Information About your Benefit Plan – Benefit Level 01 Coverage”.

However, if you return within 12 months of the date your membership was originally terminated, then the previous Health and Welfare account balance including any Health Care Spending Account will be restored to your credit. Coverage for the remainder of the plan year will be based upon the value of the restored account balance.

The Health Care Spending Account limitation dates, regarding the 24 month maximum cannot be extended once they are established. This is a requirement under The Income Tax Act.