Life Insurance

On your death, Canada Life will pay your life insurance benefits to your named beneficiary. If you have not named a beneficiary or there is no surviving beneficiary at the time of your death, payment will be made to your estate. Your plan administrator will explain the claim requirements to your beneficiary.

  • If, for any reason, your life insurance or any part of the insurance terminates, the terminated amount (up to a maximum of $200,000) may be converted to an individual life insurance plan offered by Canada Life:
    • no evidence of insurability is required
    • the amount may not be greater than the amount of coverage you were covered for under this plan at the time of termination (less any age related reductions).

Written application and first month’s premium payment for an individual policy must be received by Canada Life within 31 days of termination of your group life insurance coverage.

Your plan administrator or Canada Life can be contacted for details. Conversion applications may be obtained through the Health and Welfare Administration Office.