Diagnostic & Treatment Support Services (Teladoc) For Level 02, 03 and 04 Members

This service is designed to allow access to the expertise of specialists, resources, information and clinical guidance.

You, your dependents and your and your dependent’s physician can access this service if the physician has made a diagnosis of a serious physical illness or condition for which there is objective evidence, or if the covered person or his or her physician suspects that the person has this condition. This service is made up of a unique step-by-step process that may help address questions or concerns about a serious physical illness or condition. This may include confirming the diagnosis and suggesting the most effective treatment plan by drawing on a global database of up to 50,000 peer-ranked specialists.

How it works

  • Access diagnostic and treatment support services by calling 1-877-419-2378 toll-free.
  • The person accessing the service will be connected with a member advocate who will be dedicated to his or her case and will provide support through the process. The member advocate will take the necessary medical history and answer the person’s questions. Any information provided is not shared with either your employer or the administrator of your health plan.
  • Based on the information provided, the member advocate determines the optimal level of service required.
  • The member advocate may provide information, resources, guidance and advice individually tailored to meet the covered person’s health needs, and can help identify individual community supports and resources available.
  • If it is appropriate, the member advocate may arrange for an in-depth review of the covered person’s medical file to assist in confirming the diagnosis and help develop a treatment plan. This review may include collecting, deconstructing and reconstructing medical records, pathology retesting and analyzing test results. A written report outlining the conclusions and recommendations of the specialists will be forwarded to the person accessing the service. Generally, this process takes 6 to 8 weeks. Timeframes may vary depending on the complexity of the case and amount of medical records to collect.
  • If the covered person decides to seek treatment by a different physician, the member advocate can help identify a specialist qualified to meet his or her specific medical needs. Expenses incurred for travel and treatment are not covered by this service.
  • If the covered person decides to seek treatment outside Canada, the member advocate can arrange referrals and can help book accommodations. The member advocate can also assist in accessing hospital and physician discounts, arrange for the forwarding of medical information and monitor the treatment process. Expenses incurred for travel and treatment are not covered by this service.
  • The member advocate may identify a Teladoc specialist suited to answer basic questions about health concerns and treatment options. Answers will be provided in a written report sent by email to the person accessing the service.

Teladoc Website

Visit teladoc.ca for additional information and resources .

Note: These services are not insured services. Canada Life is not responsible for the provision of the services, their results, or any treatment received or requested in connection with the services.