Benefit Details

Canada Life is a leading Canadian life and health insurer. Canada Life's financial security advisors work with our clients from coast to coast to help them secure their financial future. We provide a wide range of retirement savings and income plans; as well as life, disability and critical illness insurance for individuals and families. As a leading provider of employee benefits in Canada, we offer effective benefit solutions for large and small employee groups.

Canada Life Online

Visit our website at for:

  • information and details on Canada Life's corporate profile and our products and services
  • investor information
  • news releases
  • contact information
  • claim forms and the ability to submit certain claims online

Canada Life Online Services for Plan Members

As a Canada Life plan member, you can also register for GroupNet™ for Plan Members at To access this service, click on the GroupNet for Plan Members link. Follow the instructions to register. Make sure to have your plan and ID numbers available before accessing the website.

This service enables you to access the following and much more, within a user friendly environment twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week:

  • your benefit details and claims history
  • personalized claim forms and cards
  • online claim submission for many of your claims, as outlined in the Healthcare, Dentalcare and Health Care Spending Account sections of this booklet
  • extensive health and wellness content

Using our GroupNet Mobile app, you can access certain features of GroupNet for Plan Members to:

  • submit many of your claims online – part of our industry-leading GroupNet online services
  • access personalized coverage information about benefits, claims and more – quickly and easily, anytime
  • view card information
  • locate the nearest provider who has access to Provider eClaims, through a built-in GPS mapping tool

In addition, by using GroupNet Text, you can get immediate information that is specific to your benefits. GroupNet Text allows you to use your mobile device to access detailed plan information, including:

  • plan and member identification numbers
  • coverage details (details available depend on your plan design)
  • reimbursement amounts
  • benefit maximums, balances and more

You can sign up for GroupNet Text on GroupNet for Plan Members under the Your Profile tab.

To use GroupNet Text, go to GroupNet for Plan Members and select the Your Profile tab, then text certain keywords to 204-289-1667. You will receive an instant text back providing information on your coverage. For a complete list of keywords, text Help. For a brief description of the type of information that a keyword provides, text Help along with the specific keyword.

Compatibility of GroupNet Text may vary by mobile device or operating system.

Canada Life’s Toll-Free Number

To contact a customer service representative at Canada Life for assistance with your medical and dental coverage, please call 1-855-729-1839.

This booklet describes the principal features of the group benefit plan sponsored by your employer, but Group Policy No. 164609 issued by Canada Life is the governing document. If there are variations between the information in the booklet and the provisions of the policy, the policy will prevail.

This booklet contains important information and should be kept in a safe place known to you and your family.

The Plan is underwritten by
The Canada Life Assurance Company

Access to Documents

You have the right, upon request, to obtain a copy of the policy, your application and any written statements or other records you have provided to Canada Life as evidence of insurability, subject to certain limitations.

Legal Actions

Every action or proceeding against an insurer for the recovery of insurance money payable under the contract is absolutely barred unless commenced within the time set out in the Insurance Act or other applicable legislation (e.g. Limitations Act, 2002 in Ontario, Quebec Civil Code).


You have the right to appeal a denial of all or part of the insurance or benefits described in the contract as long as you do so within one year of the initial denial of the insurance or a benefit. An appeal must be in writing and must include your reasons for believing the denial to be incorrect.

Benefit Limitation for Overpayment

If benefits are paid that were not payable under the policy, you are responsible for repayment within 30 days after Canada Life sends you a notice of the overpayment, or within a longer period if agreed to in writing by Canada Life. If you fail to fulfil this responsibility, no further benefits are payable under the policy until the overpayment is recovered. This does not limit Canada Life’s right to use other legal means to recover the overpayment.

Protecting Your Personal Information

At Canada Life, we recognize and respect the importance of privacy. Personal information about you is kept in a confidential file at the offices of Canada Life or the offices of an organization authorized by Canada Life. Canada Life may use service providers located within or outside Canada. We limit access to personal information in your file to Canada Life staff or persons authorized by Canada Life who require it to perform their duties, to persons to whom you have granted access, and to persons authorized by law. Your personal information may be subject to disclosure to those authorized under applicable law within or outside Canada.

We use the personal information to administer the group benefits plan under which you are covered. This includes many tasks, such as:

  • determining your eligibility for coverage under the plan
  • enrolling you for coverage
  • investigating and assessing your claims and providing you with payment
  • managing your claims
  • verifying and auditing eligibility and claims
  • creating and maintaining records concerning our relationship
  • underwriting activities, such as determining the cost of the plan, and analyzing the design options of the plan
  • preparing regulatory reports, such as tax slips

We may exchange personal information with your health care providers, your plan administrator, any insurance or reinsurance companies, administrators of government benefits or other benefit programs, other organizations, or service providers working with us or the above when relevant and necessary to administer the plan.

As a plan member, you are responsible for the claims submitted. We may exchange personal information with you or a person acting on your behalf when relevant and necessary to confirm coverage and to manage the claims submitted.

You may request access or correction of the personal information in your file. A request for access or correction should be made in writing and may be sent to any of Canada Life’s offices or to our head office.

For a copy of our Privacy Guidelines, or if you have questions about our personal information policies and practices (including with respect to service providers), contact Canada Life’s Chief Compliance Officer or refer to