Does our dental plan cover white fillings and white crowns?

The Dental Care Benefit will only cover white fillings on the front teeth. The molars (upper and lower) will be paid up to the cost of amalgam. You will be responsible for the difference in price between the white filling and the amalgam cost plus the co-insurance amount which is applicable to your benefit level. The same rules will apply to white crowns, however, please make sure your dental office sends in a predetermination form to Canada Life prior to commencing any dental procedure. In the event you do not have a predetermination form completed and sent to Canada Life, the expenses reimbursed may be much lower than you expected or not reimbursed at all. Based on the predetermination form, Canada Life will advise you what will be eligible for payment from your Dental Care Benefit. Please note, major dental coverage is only available to Benefit Level 04 at 60% co-insurance.