For the 2021 benefit plan year, beginning February 15, 2021, you have 2 options for paying for your benefit upgrade:

  1. Via cheque(s) (either the full amount or four post-dated cheques)
  2. Via online VISA or MasterCard payment

Should you wish to pay for your benefit upgrade online, the following criteria must be met – you must pay for your upgrade IN FULL, one time. CONTACT YOUR BANK AHEAD OF THE UPGRADE DEADLINE TO ENSURE YOUR DAILY LIMIT WILL COVER THE FULL AMOUNT OF YOUR 2021 UPGRADE. You will not be able to make post-dated upgrade payments via credit card as you would had you paid by cheque.

A few important things to know about your online payment

  1. You will only be able to use VISA or MasterCard for your online payments.
  2. You must know the amount of your benefit upgrade that you wish to pay. This will be sent to you by mail.
  3. Ensure that all fields are filled out or your payment will not go through properly – this includes the name of the person to whom the upgrade is made for, in the event that the credit card holder name is different.

The deadline to upgrade is March 12, 2021.