COVID-19 and Short-Term Disability March 24/20

What you need to know about Short-Term Disability (STD) claims related to COVID-19 or quarantine

We hope you’re hanging in there. We are all experiencing the impact of the safety measures put in place by the provincial and federal governments to minimize the spread of COVID-19. For many, that means our work schedules and environments have been disrupted.

Absences from work as a result of COVID-19 may be caused by a variety of reasons, including government-mandated social distancing, quarantine, or orders to remain out of your workplace.


Short-term disability coverage provides income replacement, for a limited time, when a member can’t work due to disease or injury. If you are eligible for STD benefits, then you may be able to submit a claim, depending on your circumstance.


STD claims will be handled case by case. Here are some guidelines for you:

  1. If you are displaying symptoms consistent with COVID-19, have tested positive, and are unable to work, then you may be eligible for STD benefits from the start of the quarantine period. The waiting period will be waived.
  2. If testing doesn’t confirm COVID-19 but you have flu-like symptoms that prevent you from working, you should consider submitting an STD claim. The waiting period will apply.
  3. If you are quarantined and testing doesn’t confirm COVID-19, but you have mild symptoms that do not meet the definition of disability under the plan, then you are not eligible for an STD claim.
  4. If you have no symptoms, but have been told to quarantine by the government or a healthcare professional, you are not eligible for an STD claim.

Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones over the next while.  Stay well, and remember that if you need support you can contact LifeWorks at 1-800-387-4765 24/7