Canada Life Claims and COVID-19

Due to the uncertainty of the evolving COVID-19 situation, there could be delays in processing and paying paper claims. Before you submit a paper claim, check if you can submit your claim online through GroupNet for plan members. It’s the fastest way to ensure we can process and pay your claim. Sign in and select make a claim and choose your claim type.

Whether you file your claims online through GroupNet, or via paper, you will have the option to file through the ‘healthcare/dental plan’, (Canada Life will have payment done through the base plan) through the ‘health solutions plus’ (Canada Life will have payment come from your health spending account only) or ‘both’ (Canada Life will pay your claim first through the base plan and then take any remaining eligible amounts from your spending account).

If you have not received your Canada Life HSP VISA card, you can still access the funds by mailing in a paper claim to Canada Life.

Canada Life – GroupNet
GroupNet provides you with access to comprehensive benefit plan information. When using GroupNet you can:

1.   Submit claims online
2.  Sign up for direct deposit of claim payments
3.  Access the Canada Life Health & Wellness Site
4.  Search drugs by name or identification number to find out if they are covered, at what percentage, and if they require special authorization.
5.  Get detailed plan information, including benefit maximums and remaining balances, and up to 24 months of claims history.
6.  Use the built-in GPS mapping tool to locate the nearest provide who has access to Provider eClaims.
7.  View benefit card information, including member ID, drug and travel assistance.

The link is GroupNet for plan members. in order to make online claims, you will need to register your banking info so have that handy.
You will also need:

Plan Name: IATSE Local 667/669 Health & Welfare Fund
Plan # 164609
ID # your 9 digit ID number (contact your Plan Administrator or Benefit Co-ordinator if you are uncertain of what your number is).

Canada Life – Paper Claims

If you wish to proceed with submitting a paper claim with Canada Life, you can find a copy of a health or dental claim form on the IATSE Local 667/669 Group Benefit site. The link is You will need the information your ID number as well. When filing a paper claim, you will need to send your original receipts to Canada Life, so please make copies of the receipts and claim form for your records.